Almsgiving for Lent

St. Mary’s is encouraging parishioners to consider supporting the Catholic Relief Services virtual Rice Bowl initiative and/or agencies that assist victims of Human Trafficking as ways to offer alms this Lenten season. Please contact Casey Green with any questions at

Catholic Relief Service (CRS)

CRS is a Lenten faith-in-action program. It offers opportunities for your family to engage daily with the spiritual pillars of Lent.  Go to to get stories on Madagascar, El Salvador, and Timor-Leste. These are the three countries that CRS is highlighting their needs for this Lenten season.  Because of the pandemic we are not distributing the rice bowls however, you can donate to CSR by writing a check to St. Mary’s and put “rice bowl” in the memo.

Supporting those Impacted by Human Trafficking

The following are Human Trafficking agencies that St. Mary’s works with during the year. You are encouraged to donate directly to the following agencies this Lent:

List of Human Trafficking Agencies

September 9th, 2020