St. Mary’s Embarks on Whole-Parish Catechesis

“Seek first the kingdom of God” (Matt. 6:33). Jesus’ message to the crowds is part of the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus is admonishing them not to be anxious, worrying about the necessities of life, the troubles of the day “but seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well.” It can be difficult to “seek” on our own. We are made to journey together and to invite others to journey along-side us. Our faith community, our prayer life and our friendships with one another are ways we draw closer to Jesus. This year St. Mary’s turns our attention to whole parish catechesis—each of our programs centered on the singular message of hearing the gospel and becoming doers of the gospel, or as Fr Talbot has been encouraging us, pray-ers.

St. Mary of the Lake presents Whole-Parish Catechesis, view video HERE.

Small Christian Communities

Wednesday night Community Night and the Community Table is on hold for now and in its place, everyone is invited to join or create a small community. The gospel readings will be our material, along with some selections on becoming pray-ers. St Mary’s will support all groups, whether meeting in homes or via Zoom. Groups will begin the week of September 27 with materials being ordered soon. To get connected to a group or get one started, please reach out to Samantha Hagel at

K-8 Faith Formation

Families who were in the program last year received an email laying out the programming and a couple of questions that will help them decide which model works best for their family. If you missed the email you can find it here. Families new to Faith Formation need to complete a New Families Registration Form and return it to the Parish Office. Families/children will be coming to the Parish Life Center once each month for a small group gathering. For the remaining weeks of the month, families will learn together at home. Each person will attend six sessions total throughout the year. The choice each family has is whether they want their children to come on Wednesdays or if they want to come with them in a family model on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

The structure is as follows:

October 7 is material pick up day / answer questions / finish registering if needed

WEDNESDAY MODEL: small groups for youth, all sessions will be 6:30 – 7:30 PM.

WEEKEND MODEL: families with all ages can attend at the same time.

HOME PROGRAM: Families are also able to choose to do their learning completely at home with no in-person group gatherings.

You will need to stop in at the office on four occasions throughout the year to pick up materials.


VOLUNTEER CATECHISTS (and hallway helpers) will be needed once a month to lead a small group. The forthcoming email will list all the dates each model will be in session. Please make your choice by September 21.

 **Contact Karlene Feidt at for specific dates for the Wednesday Model, Weekend Model and any other questions for K-8 Faith Formation.**

Sacramental Preparation

CONFIRMATION: The registration deadline for Confirmation preparation is Wednesday, September 16th and we begin on October 20th. We will be meeting in person at the church. Families may choose a 4:30 PM or 6:30 PM session. Please register as soon as possible and pay when the programs begin. Registration forms are available on the parish website. Registrations will not be accepted after October 20th.

EUCHARIST AND RECONCILIATION: We are now taking registrations for First Reconciliation/First Eucharist. Proof of baptism is required for registration. According to diocesan policy, proof of baptism must be a newly issued baptism certificate. Contact the parish where your child was baptized.

Fused High School Ministry

Hey Guys! Here’s a preview for Fused this fall! Each High School family should receive a letter explaining all the details. I’m excited to announce that we will be introducing House Groups this year, taking place of our regular weekly small group at the PLC. You’ll be able to create your very own Small Group and meet at different households and I’ll be providing resources to help you! If you’re interested or even have a group of friends in mind, please contact me, Carley, at to get registered.

To get notifications on Fused High School Ministry Updates download the remind app and join our classroom @fusedhsm.

Young Adults Age 18-22

Hi everyone! My name is Carley and I will be working with you this year. I know post high school and your early 20’s is a tough time to navigate as we are all in such different places. Some 18-year old’s move out or go to school out of state, others stay and work full-time and there are even people getting married—WHAT? But hey we are all going through life at a different pace, it’s a journey and one designed specifically for you, by God who loves you, who created you and knows us better then we know ourselves. It can be so easy to look around at others and compare and sometimes it can be discouraging. I would really like to take some time and get to know you and see what part of life you are going through! Email me any questions at or call at 651-429-7771 ext 233.

Catholic Young Adults 23-39

Hi friends! Nick Brady here! As the season of fall begins and ushers in changes to the weather and physical landscapes, I am inspired to think about what changes I would like to bring about in my spiritual life and I encourage you to reflect on any changes you would like to see in your spiritual life. If you would like to connect with other St. Mary Catholic young adults this Fall as we continue to meet, virtually and in-person with social distance, to grow in relationship with each other and Jesus, please reach out. You can email me at or text/call my cell at 217-361-5297. Looking forward to hearing from you!

September 9th, 2020