St. Mary’s celebrates with and is deeply committed to you as you begin your married life in Christ.

The process of marriage preparation includes the following essentials:

  • Couples meet with Fr. Eilen as the first step of the process, before setting a date for the wedding. Meet with Fr. Eilen several times, beginning at least 6 months prior to your anticipated wedding date. You can email Fr. Eilen or call the parish office at 651-429-7771, option 1.
  • Take a Prepare and Enrich inventory and meet to review results.
  • Participate in a Pre-Marriage Retreat. A listing of options will be given to you.
  • Contact our Director of Sacraments and Worship, Mary Beth Jambor, to set up an appointment for a Wedding Liturgy Workshop to help you plan your wedding liturgy. We encourage couples to do this early in their preparation before making too many decisions about the wedding ceremony.

The various fees for marriage preparation and the celebration of the liturgy will be explained at the initial meeting with Fr. Eilen.

Each wedding will have a wedding coordinator assigned by St. Mary’s, who will be present for the rehearsal and the wedding day.

Wedding music plans must be coordinated by our Music Director, Jaclyn Schwartz. Contact her at least six months prior to your wedding date.

We welcome you to become a member of our parish.

Consider having your reception at St. Mary’s!