Music ministry of St. Mary of the Lake strives to cultivate and offer our gifts and talents to God in a way that encourages the spirit of collaboration and community amongst musicians and assembly as we grow in our faith.


Perhaps Saint Augustine said it best when he observed that “he who sings, prays twice.” Finding St. Mary’s parish and its music ministry were certainly answered prayers for me, and I am thankful for the welcome I have received here. Ministry leaders Jaclyn and Rebecca have made it easy to fit-in and participate. The time commitment is very reasonable, and a web-based system aids in scheduling and providing helpful resources such as service order, rehearsal times, and music and recordings to aid in preparation. It’s been a wonderful experience, and the greatest blessing is the wonderful people I am getting to know and make music with! ~John


It is always a high honor to help create an atmosphere where humanity meets divinity here at St Mary’s. Because of the sheer talent and joint leadership of Jaclyn and Rebecca, I feel free to worship without limitations. The music takes us where it takes us! ~Ernest


When thinking of ‘Why’ we participate in music ministry, One single word comes to mind….Connection. First and foremost, music has provided us a strong connection to the Mass and the Word of God. In our mind, there is no better gift of preparation each week than spending time with the music of the Mass to learn more about our Faith through song. Secondly, Music has always been important to us, so by participating in this Ministry, Music has connected us to each other. Finally, through this Ministry, we have been connected more closely to our community. Joining in song with others requires a bit of vulnerability, trust and leaning on one another. We both have been blessed to learn about the art of music, and most importantly, we have been inspired by the talents and faith of others. It’s a true blessing to have that harmonize so nicely with our own faith journey. ~Erin & James


I have been so blessed by God and the many talents he has given me in my life. Although some of those talents I’m not able to use anymore the ability to sing I can still do. Singing at Mass is so gratifying to me because I’m not only able to use my ability to sing but I feel like I’m thanking God for that gift by contributing to the celebration of Mass. Joining voices with other musicians just adds to that joy of the Mass. The music program at St. Mary’s has always been warm, thankful and inviting and I’m glad to be part of it!  ~John


Being involved in Music Ministry means a lot to me. It allows me to share my musical gifts and skills to proclaim the Word and encourage others to raise their own voices and participate more fully in the Mass. What a blessing! ~Jennifer


I’ve always felt that making music was one of my service “calls to action”. Music is a medium that stretches across all languages, beliefs, and identities; willing to meet people where they are without judgment, consoling those in need, and bringing communities closer together in both harmony and unison. I’m so grateful to be able to bring this calling to SMOL. ~Sheena

Get Involved


Ensembles are flexible, consisting of singers and instrumentalists that vary from one week to the next.  Most ensembles meet to rehearse on the Thursday evening prior to the Sunday when the members are scheduled.  Some ensembles are smaller and more contemporary in style and others are larger with an emphasis on choral part singing.  To get involved in an Ensemble, please fill out the Flexible Ensemble Interest Form.

Festival Choir

Festival Choir sings a variety of styles of sacred music from traditional to contemporary and everything in between.  Choir will rehearse certain Thursday evenings during the year to prepare for liturgies during Advent/Christmas, Easter, etc.  The choir is open to anyone grade 9 through adults who have an interest in singing. No audition or prior experience is required. 

Young Adults and Youth

Teens and young adults are invited and encouraged to share their gifts with the community! Singers and instrumentalists are welcome to participate in this small ensemble that leads the music for Mass.

Easter Children’s Choir

Children in grades 3-6 are invited to participate in a children’s choir that will sing at the 9am Mass Easter morning.  No prior experience necessary!


Instrumentalists enhance the music and prayer of the community.  Common instruments at Mass include: guitar, strings, woodwinds, and trumpet.

If you are interested in serving in any of these music ministry opportunities, please email Jaclyn Schwartz and Rebecca Kaup at [email protected].