Music ministry of St. Mary of the Lake strives to cultivate and offer our gifts and talents to God in a way that encourages the spirit of collaboration and community amongst musicians and assembly as we grow in our faith. 

Contact Jaclyn Schwartz, [email protected] with questions or for more information on joining an ensemble.

St. Mary’s Chorale

Directed by Kathryn Lien

The chorale is a mixed choral group that rehearses 3 times per month (Wednesday at 6:30 PM) and sings one Sunday per month for both the 9:00 and 11:00 AM Masses. The chorale also sings on Christmas morning (9:00 AM),  Ash Wednesday (5:00 PM), Holy Thursday (7:00 PM), and Easter morning (9:00 AM).

St. Mary’s Contemporary Ensemble

Directed by Jaclyn Schwartz

The contemporary ensemble is a large ensemble that rehearses twice per month (Thursdays at 7:00 PM) and sings for the 9:00 or 11:00 AM Mass once per month.  Both rehearsals each month are required for participation, and depending on interest, may have rotating instrumentalists.  This ensemble will also sing on Thanksgiving (9:00 AM), Christmas Eve (4:00 PM)  Parish Mission Evening (March 27) and Easter morning (11:00 AM).

St. Mary’s Men’s Chorus

Directed by Jaclyn Schwartz in collaboration with Wesley Frye

The men’s chorus will meet twice per month on Wednesday or Friday afternoons and will sing at the 9:00 or 11:00 AM Mass once per month. This chorus will require much practice at home as the men will sing in 2-5 part harmony. The chorus will also sing on All Saints Day (5:00 PM), Christmas Eve (10:00 PM), Good Friday (7:00 PM), and Easter Vigil (8:00 PM).

Flex Ensembles

Flex ensembles will consist of up to 5 singers and will sing on an occasional basis when other ensembles are not scheduled. These singers are expected to be highly prepared and meet with the accompanist one hour prior to Mass. Because of this, preference for Flex Ensembles will be given to those who demonstrate strong vocal leadership, a high level of individual preparation, and an inviting demeanor for congregational participation.  Those who are interested in Flex Ensembles should also participate in a large ensemble as they are able.   Large ensemble participation will improve musicianship, heighten our sense of community, and keep musicians connected to current/seasonal practices for Mass. Instrumentalists who are also highly prepared will be invited to participate in a rotation.

Teens and Children

Teens are encouraged to join the chorale or contemporary ensemble at SMOL.  Teens will occasionally be scheduled independently and lead the music for Mass on their own if the ensemble is vocally strong and schedules allow for a group rehearsal. Children will sing seasonally (Christmas and Easter) and will join the chorale or contemporary ensemble for special occasions.

Summer “Pickup” Choir

During the summer months, regular ensembles have time off and musicians have select Sundays where a Pickup Choir is scheduled. This is open to any vocalist who is currently involved in music ministry to meet/rehearse at 8:00 AM and sing for the 9:00 AM Mass. A cantor is scheduled to lead the psalm and gospel acclamation for these liturgies.


A variety of instruments are used in addition to the piano to accompany Mass. Common instruments include guitar, flute, trumpet, violin, and cello. If you are interested in playing an instrument for Mass, contact Jaclyn Schwartz to set up a meeting time with a piece you are prepared to play.

St. Mary’s Chorale

Who can join- anyone! Looking for any level of experience, those who are looking for a choir or “musical home!”

  • Rehearsals are 3 times per month; Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00 PM
  • Sing for Mass one Sunday per month; both 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM with fellowship in between

Directed by Kathryn Lien

The choir will kick off with a retreat/rehearsal on August 15 and sing for Mass August 25. 

Contact Jaclyn Schwartz, [email protected] for more information.