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Year 3 (2021-2022): The Church Engages

Fall 2021: Parish Consultation Process with Small Groups

  • Small groups meet in every parish to learn, pray, and discuss the Focus Areas.
  • Parish feedback on the Focus Areas will help determine the Synod Topics.

January/February 2022: Deanery Consultation Process

  • Pastors and parish representatives gather to learn, pray, and discuss the Focus Areas.
  • Deanery feedback informs the Parish Consultation Process.

June 2022: Archdiocesan Synod Assembly (Pentecost Weekend)

  • Approximately 500 appointed delegates (including two from each parish) gather to learn, pray, and discuss the Synod Topics and recommend pastoral priorities to Archbishop Hebda.
  • After considering the Synod recommendations, Archbishop writes a Pastoral Letter (Nov. – Feast of Christ the King), leading to a Pastoral Plan to move our Archdiocese into the future.

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Synod 2021

Join other parishioners at the next session. Choose between the 2:00 or 6:30 PM session and plan for a time of prayer, reflection, and fellowship.

Please consider participating in the Synod sessions. Here is a list of the final 2 sessions:

Note: October 20 is a week off due to MEA

October 27
Topic A: Parents as primary educators (birth to adult)
Topic B: Helping the young encounter Jesus (birth- grade 6)

November 3 
Topic A: Youth ministry (grades 6-12)
Topic B: Young adult ministry (ages 18-35