Faith Formation Ministries

This past year we welcomed around 85 volunteers to the Faith Formation team. Our goal is to offer programs to parishioners of all ages at various times.

Catechist:  Play a crucial role in shaping the future of young Catholics as a teacher for students grades PreK-8. Share your interest in your faith with parish youth and help them discover their own faith and application to their lives. Catechists serve October through April.

Catechist Assistant: Provide the classroom support that helps catechists guide and develop the faith of our young parishioners.

Substitute Catechist: Fill in for a catechist when needed. You may be called ahead of time of the day of.

Hallway Helper:  Create a secure and safe environment for children, catechists, and catechist assistants.

Special Needs Assistant: Give children requiring additional support a helping hand in building their faith.

Service Site Driver: Make sure our students arrive safely at their community service commitments. Driver/background check required.

Liturgy of the Word with Children: Share the weekly scripture and your faith perspectives with grades 1-5 at the 9:00 and 11:00 AM Masses. Adult and middle/high school youth volunteers needed on a rotating six-week schedule.

“Welcoming the Little Ones” Sunday Nursery Program: Lead the lesson plans provided by the coordinator to immerse children in the Lord’s love while parents worship. Available for children ages 1-5 during the 9:00 and 11:00 AM Masses.

Nursery: Parents watch the Mass live on TV while their children play. When “Welcoming the Little Ones” is held, parents can leave children with trained staff.

Vacation Bible School:  Share the Catholic faith with children ages 4-10 during a week in August. Volunteer opportunities for both adults and youth (ages 11+).

Event Chaperone: Provide support to youth as they fulfill their service commitment, working alongside them and giving them wisdom when needed.

Childcare Helper: Provide childcare for those who need it at events, sacramental prep, or other Sunday liturgies.

Gym Supervisor: Monitor the open gym on Wednesday afternoons/evenings.

Faith Formation Committee:  Provide meaningful and enjoyable programs that support the faith formation of children, youth and adults. Create a sense of belonging, drawing awareness to the life-long journey in faith, while fostering an environment of Christian values. Meets monthly.

Get involved by contacting Karlene Feidt or call 651-429-7771.