Fr. Talbot

Mary Beth Jambor
(Director of Sacraments and Worship)

Mary Scherping
(Parish Administrator)

Samantha Hagel
(Director of Mission)

Casey Green
(Coordinator of Outreach Ministries)

Karlene Feidt
(Director of Faith Formation)

Justin Kelly
(Coordinator of Youth Formation for Grades 6-8)

Terry Reasoner
(Funeral Planner)

Rebecca Kaup
(Director of Liturgical Music)

Sr. Mary Kerber
(Coordinator of Evangelization)

Michelle Boris
(Coordinator of Young Adult Ministries)

Kate Franssen-Hansen
(Media and Marketing Specialist)

Parish Support Staff

Laurie Munns (Parish Receptionist)

Alice Chalupsky (Administrative Assistant and Safe Environment Coordinator)

Amy Spindler (Accounting Assistant)

Margi Couillard (Wedding Coordinator)

Donna Rekucki (Wedding Coordinator)

Greg Mortenson (Director of Maintenance)

Mike Herzog (Maintenance Team)

Rick Aker (Maintenance Team)