Administrative Ministries

Administrative Ministries provide expert advice and resources to promote all parish ministries and maintain parish assets.

Parish Leadership Council Advises the Pastor in ministerial areas.  Ensures that the mission and vision of the parish are being achieved through the appropriate allocation of resources.

Finance Council: Advise the Pastor in financial matters, including budgets, borrowing, capital campaigns, and investments.

Media & Marketing Committee: Advise and create the communication of the parish’s mission and key messages through all appropriate media.

Journalist:  Write articles about parish life and ministries for the Gathering Space e-newsletter.  The role includes conducting interviews and gathering information.

Video Journalist:  Spread the good news of the Gospel with parishioners and other members of the community by videotaping speakers and events.

Mailing Volunteer:  Assemble mailing materials for large parish mailings.

Legacy Committee (not yet formed): Promote planned giving and estate giving to the parish.

Maintenance Committee: Advise the Pastor about the maintenance of parish facilities.

Grounds Assistant:  Help maintain our beautiful parish grounds by planting, weeding, trimming, etc.

Cemetery Committee: Advise the Pastor on matters relating to the cemetery.  Help ensure our cemetery remains a beautiful resting place by determining cemetery guidelines, making improvements to cemetery grounds, maintaining a perpetual care fund, and sharing news of the cemetery with parishioners.


Parish fundraising events are opportunities to gather as a community and support specific ministries or parish projects. The Fall Festival is our primary fundraiser for the general operating budget.

Fall Festival:  Be part of the success of this major parish event. Plan and/or staff the event, scheduled over a September weekend.

Rummage and Bake Sales:  Support recycling and raise funds for various ministries by volunteering at the fall and spring rummage sales.

Heritage Fest Committee: Plan parish celebrations of ethnic heritages including Irish Fest and Christmas Around the World.

Get involved by contacting Mary Scherping or call 651-429-7771.