Summer BLAST

What is Summer BLAST? Believers Learning And Serving Together!
This is an incredible Christian faith experience for 6th – 8th graders, where 9th-12th graders can grow as leaders and mentors.

Summer Vacation Blast Camp 2020

Summer Vacation Blast Camp is a cross between Vacation Bible School and Summer BLAST. You gather with your family, tune in each morning to the music and lesson video of the day, then carry out the daily mission.

The first video will be posted on YouTube starting Monday, August 10. We will post one video each day for five days. The beauty of this is if you are not able to tune in the first day, that’s ok, just go to the DAY 1 video as soon as your family is ready to start. It could be a day or two later or a whole week—it’s up to you!

View the Summer Vacation Blast Videos HERE.