Liturgical Ministries

Each weekend, it takes over 100 volunteers to ensure we have a spiritually fulfilling worship experience at St. Mary of the Lake. Our volunteers bless us with their talents and time to ensure a faith-filled experience.

Greeter: The ministry of hospitality has many faces, and the greeter at the door has the first opportunity to show visitors and parishioners the face of our Catholic community. A warm welcome helps people begin their worship time on a positive note.

Usher: Another face in our ministry of hospitality belongs to our ushers. Ushers help people find a place to sit in the assembly, help answer questions, and pass the baskets at the time of the collection of gifts.

Lector: Proclaiming the Word with reverence is an important part of our Mass. Individuals with a gift for sharing the Word enhance the worship experience for our parishioners and guests.

Gift Bearers: Bringing our gifts to the altar is a symbolic and moving element of the Mass. Anyone can participate in this ministry, and it is a great way for families to get involved in the Mass.

Eucharistic Minister: Having received the greatest of gifts – the Eucharist – we are then sent to serve others the Body and Blood of Christ. Reverence for the Eucharist enables us to share this gift with others.

Mass Coordinator: By ensuring all ministry positions are filled and all elements of the Mass are prepared, Mass Coordinators help provide the environment where parishioners and visitors can worship joyfully.

Altar Servers: Students in grades 4 and older have the opportunity to enhance the worship experience for themselves and parishioners by assisting Father during Mass as an altar server.

Sacristan (roadie): Ensuring that all the details are in place for Mass to be celebrated fully and joyfully, Sacristans help enhance our worship experience. Sacristans should be at least 14 years old.

Projection System Operator: Grade 8 through Adult. Sharing our music liturgy and prayers via the projection screens allows all members of the congregation to participate fully in the Mass.

Video Broadcast System Operator: Broadcast the Mass to the nursery, chapel and St. Joseph Room and record the Mass so that it can be televised on cable or posted on our parish YouTube site. Our parishioners who are homebound look forward to seeing the Mass we record each week!

Sacraments and Worship Committee: Our mission is to strengthen the total prayer life of St. Mary’s Community by providing a welcoming and nurturing environment. We serve as a support team for our pastor, other parish committees and our total parish community as together we grow in The Body of Christ.

If you would like to get involved in one of the Liturgical Ministries, please call Mary Beth Jambor at 651-429-7771 or Contact Us for more information.