Synod Small Groups

Synod Small Groups

When: Fall, September – November

Synod Small Groups at our parish begin September 22!

There are two times available each week: 2:00-4:00PM or 6:30-8:30PM at the church.  

Session 1: The Heart of the Gospel- “Kerygma” and Forming Missionary Disciples

Session 2: Life-long discipleship and Universal call to holiness

Session 3: Welcoming Parishes and Collaboration in parish ministry

Session 4: Liturgy and Sunday experience and Sharing the Gospel in word and deed

Session 5: Parents as primary educators and Helping the young (birth to grade 6) encounter Jesus

Session 6: Youth ministry (grade 6-12) and Young adult ministry (ages 18-35)


What to Expect when you’re expecting… to participate in Synod small groups this Fall

We hope you join in this important step in shaping the future of our Archdiocese. Here’s how it will go.

  • Arrive at your parish and find a seat at a table of about 8.
  • Watch a video which will lead everyone in prayer and share teaching on our beautiful Catholic faith to inform our discussion and response.
  • As you are comfortable, share your experience and ideas in discussion with your tablemates.
  • Respond to ideas and offer your own suggestions on a feedback form to be considered by Archbishop Hebda.

Please contact Samantha Hagel at for more Information.