Mission Matters Series 2: Prayer Life – Our Conversations with God

In this upcoming series, the mission team will again reflect on that special relationship that each Christian has with the Lord.  Those relationships are centered in prayer. This 4-week series began July 17 and will focus on three common forms of prayer: The Our Father, The Psalms and Lectio Divina.

  • The Our Father is part of every Eucharistic liturgy and was prayed three times a day by the first Christian communities. Casey Green reflected on the Our Father on July 24.
  • The Psalms are a mirror of God’s marvelous deeds in the history of his people, as well as reflections of the human experience of the Psalmist.  Carley O’Bryan will share reflections on July 31.
  • Lastly, Nick Brady will share his reflections on the ancient prayer of “lectio divina,” which opens us up to reading and meditating on sacred scripture.

View Nick Brady’s reflection about Lectio Divina HERE

Mission Matters Series 2 Reflections:

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August 19th, 2019