Here’s a Year 1 and Year 2 recap — looking forward to Year 3 and small groups. Watch for more to come. 

Year 1 (2019-2020): The Church Listens

Prayer & Listening Events

  • 30 Prayer & Listening events (19 open and 11 focus) held and attended by Archbishop Hebda.
  • Over 8,000 faithful attended providing over 35,000 comments on what is working well in the Archdiocese and challenges and opportunities as we move forward together.
  • Based on this feedback, along with other consultations and discernment, Archbishop Hebda determined these broad Focus Areas that will shape the 2021 Deanery and Parish Consultation process.
    1. Forming parishes that are in the service of evangelization;
    2. Forming missionary disciples who know Jesus’s love and respond to his call; and
    3. Forming youth and young adults in and for a Church that is always young.

Year 2 (2020-2021): The Church Prepares

Fall Prayer and Study

  • Online talks and tools for praying with scripture and growing in holiness. (5 sessions)
  • Virtual retreat focused on healing and hope. (5 sessions)

Winter/Spring Prayer and Study

  • Presentations on key topics of faith and culture. (4 sessions)
  • Lent: “Synod at Home – Growing in Faith Together.”
  • Spring: Live events on the Focus Areas.

Year 3 (2021-2022): The Church Engages

Fall 2021: Parish Consultation Process with Small Groups

  • Small groups meet in every parish to learn, pray, and discuss the Focus Areas.
  • Parish feedback on the Focus Areas will help determine the Synod Topics.

January/February 2022: Deanery Consultation Process

  • Pastors and parish representatives gather to learn, pray, and discuss the Focus Areas.
  • Deanery feedback informs the Parish Consultation Process.

June 2022: Archdiocesan Synod Assembly (Pentecost Weekend)

  • Approximately 500 appointed delegates (including two from each parish) gather to learn, pray, and discuss the Synod Topics and recommend pastoral priorities to Archbishop Hebda.
  • After considering the Synod recommendations, Archbishop writes a Pastoral Letter (Nov. – Feast of Christ the King), leading to a Pastoral Plan to move our Archdiocese into the future.

February 5th, 2021

Legislative Tracker – March 23, 2021 – View HERE

Take part in a survey sharing what social justice issues matter to you most. Download Survey HERE **Send completed survey to Casey Green at**


January 27th, 2021

First Tuesday of the month, March – December 2021, 4:00 PM
Cuppa Joe is a series of 10 talks by 10 theologians on the the 10 wonders of Saint Joseph, taking place at 10 locations in our archdiocese entrusted to the patronage of our spiritual father. These talks take place on the first Tuesday of the month, March through December, at 4:00 PM – just in time for your afternoon coffee. Talks will be posted on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram – and at


September 9th, 2020

Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis monthly prayer request for priests:

March: View Here
April: View Here
May: View Here

July 9th, 2020

The tragic death of George Floyd has ignited a public conversation about ongoing racial inequity and injustice in America. How can the Church uphold the dignity of all human persons and foster the common good during these contentious times? What issues do we need to address with our own Church that prevent an appropriate response? The Minnesota Catholic Conference, the public policy voice of the Catholic Church in Minnesota, is hosting this forum for priests, deacons, educators, and lay ecclesial ministers on the memorial of St. Peter Claver to provide an opportunity for formation and reflection on these critical issues in our community, and how we as a Church can respond.

This free online event will take place on Wednesday, September 9, 2020 from 10 AM – Noon. To register, please visit

June 25th, 2020

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September 16th, 2019

View resources from St. Mary’s, the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops), Archdioceses of St. Paul and Minneapolis and the Catholic Spirit HERE, view prayers HERE.

August 19th, 2019

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June 24th, 2019

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